Home Tour: Classic New Jersey Colonial

Designer Michael Maher added just the right amount of modern touches to this traditional New Jersey colonial to make it look fresh and new. Featured in House Beautiful, every room is so inviting...especially love the color palette in the master bedroom and the expansive blue and white foyer (above and below). 


Best Of The WInter Home Decor Sales

There are so many great sales happening online right now! I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites ~ especially when it's for home decor items that I already have (and love!) Like this slated mirror on sale at Anthropologie (above) and these black wishbone chairs, marked down over on Wayfair


Design Progress In My Home

Back in 2014 when we first moved here to Connecticut, I had a lot of material for these update posts, There was so much design work going on here at the time. Predictably, as we slowly but steadily made this house our home, these posts have slowed down. Now that we've been living here for a little over three years, what was a monthly update series has now become a twice a year check in.

But what a six months it's been! Since my last update in July, a lot of the bigger projects around here have been crossed off my list. From updating our kitchen counter stools (above) to bringing in Pimlico Interiors to help us finally design the round table for our kitchen (below) We've been wanting a round table for this space for quite some time, but just needed a final professional push to make it happen. I'm so glad it did as it fits the space and our family so much better than the previous long rectangle table we'd had for over a decade. We also added these beautiful cane chairs from CB2 that Pimlico helped us customize the cushions with a durable yet neutral fabric.

There were a few smaller updates as well. After killing off a beautiful fuschia orchid in the dining room, I decided to upgrade to a beautiful silk orchid arrangement from Diane James Home. It's the perfect pop of color in this otherwise very neutral space. I also added a little more color in the foyer with this beautiful blue side chair from One Kings Lane. It sits right outside the dining room, so my rationale was it could be easily used as extra seating should we need it.  And, finally...a very small but significant change in our bedroom. Where we used to have a couple of beige neck rolls on 
the bed (you can see them here) I streamlined to just one pretty white one. It's such a small tweak, but looks a lot fresher and cleaner to me- so I love it!

The next big update around here will be on our third floor TV room. It's a finished attic and I've been showing the progress in this space on my Insta-stories. Pimlico Interiors has been great with helping me make and source the design decisions here. Stay tuned for what I'm hoping will be an early spring/late winter reveal.


Home Organization Inspiration For The New Year

Last week’s school closings and subsequent back to back snow days wreaked havoc on my new year’s resolution to eat healthier, but it was a great starting point on my new year’s resolution to get more organized. The more the wind and snow whipped up outside, the more closets and drawers I tackled inside, in an effort to quell my anxiety and keep myself occupied.

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a fully functional yet organized home for years - so when Goop featured The Home Edit last year I immediately began to follow them on Instagram and found myself constantly checking out their blog for even more ideas and inspiration. I can’t be the only one who finds looking at perfectly organized pantries and closets incredibly calming...can I?

Then I remembered on of my favorite takeaways from Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast, “Outer  Order Contributes To Inner Calm.” and used this as the little extra motivation/justification I needed to go ahead and order a bunch of baskets, containers and labels to take my efforts to the next level ala The Home Edit.

Now that these items are starting to arrive, I’m having the best time implementing them into our home. I guess I need to find a similar method for inspiring my desire to curb my sweet tooth!

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